About Kelli Borgan, RDN, CD

Brief Bio: Kelli Borgman, RDN, CD has been a registered dietitian for 9 years in a variety of community and outpatient settings. Her passion is functional and integrative nutrition, in which she is taking a deep dive and getting her master’s in currently. ‘Food as Medicine’ and recognizing each individual in a biochemically unique way are hallmarks of Functional Medicine, and fits well with Kelli’s treatment approach. She loves health coaching and helping people find their way to healthier choices in ways that are the most simple and rewarding for them.

She was born on the shores of Lake Michigan and small inland lakes of northern Michigan. No wonder her favorite active pastimes include swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking. She lives in Fletcher with her husband and six dogs (yes, six!).

Health related life story:
My passion for nutrition did not develop until my late teens, when I started working in the food industry, baking and cooking from scratch at a small coffee shop. Before that, whole foods and nutrition were not subjects to be considered in my household- it was the 80s- the era of convenience and sugar, sugar, sugar! No wonder I started accumulating a myriad of energy, weight, skin, and gastrointestinal symptoms in my early 20s. I was attending one of the best and largest nutrition schools in the country, yet couldn’t figure out how to fix my own body! Perplexed and in pain, I sought out plenty of compassionate, integrative practitioners until I got to the root of my health issues- food intolerances and gut dysfunction, as well as a lifetime of ignoring signs my body and mind needed a break! I now strive to help my clients get ‘to the root’ in the same compassionate way I was shown. I see the truth in ‘you are what you eat’ & ‘you are what you think’ in my work daily- within the brain and the belly lie a treasure trove of profound answers to health issues!

Where you are most likely to be seen on a Saturday morning:
Sipping tulsi tea- and eating pastured eggs, with plenty of hot sauce and veggies sauteed in coconut oil. Then it’s often off to grocery shopping- I am ‘all business’ in the grocery store, checking off my list! I tend to go a bit nuts in the bulk food & herb sections. Ingredients for herbal & tonic teas, and all different types of homemade bars are often what I am stocking up for.

If you were on a desert island, what is one food you couldn’t live without?
Nuts of any kind. I am forever carrying around ball jars and plastic baggies full on them!

Favorite recipe & why: this one’s still with me from the original coffee shop I worked for ‘back in the day’- Leaf & Bean. Thanks, Linda & Lisa, for this super simple green drink that only contains three ingredients. I love what it does for my skin and the best part is, you can very easily clean the blender after this one, just rinse and repeat!

Spinach Mint Green Drink:
1/2 cup apple cider (or fresh pressed juice if you’re lucky)
as many mint leaves as you like to taste (I usually throw in 8-10)
2 large handfuls spinach or other tender young greens.

Blend and enjoy!