About Us

Whole Health Nutrition, LLC is the only nutrition-consulting group in the state of Vermont. The company is centered on a shared vision of health and wellness. We teach our clients to optimize health and wellbeing through the use of delicious, functional foods. Each partner in the business brings a unique background to the practice making our 3-way partnership dynamic and synergistic. RD’s are the recognized nutrition experts for the delivery of medical nutrition therapy. Whole Health Nutrition providers have advanced training in the way nutrition services are delivered; this training informs our work with groups, individuals, the community, corporations, and athletes. The feedback from our clients is that they find our approach organized, refreshing, and energizing.

Our Mission:
The philosophy behind Whole Health Nutrition
Whole Health Nutrition is dedicated to helping clients optimize health and wellbeing through the use of delicious and functional foods.  Through the work of nutrition assessments and nutrition education, our clients learn to embrace the powerful healing properties of food, gain knowledge, confidence and skills to include functional foods into their unique lifestyles.  Our approach empowers individuals to take charge of their health, athletes to push their performance, and business industries to improve the quality of life for their employees.

Why a Registered Dietitian:
Whole Health Nutrition Registered Dietitians (RD) have advanced training in sports nutrition and functional medicine and integrative nutrition.  RD’s have completed a minimum 4 year science based undergraduate program, a one year accredited internship, have passed a comprehensive board examination toward registration, and are required to complete 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years.  Most insurance companies provide coverage for nutrition service when provided by a RD.

Whole Health Nutrition RDs are participating providers with several insurance companies.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
  • MVP Healthcare
  • Vermont Managed Care
  • United Health Care
  • The Vermont Health Plan
  • Cigna
Kimberly Evans, MS, RD, CD
Co-Owner since 2010
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My passion about food and nutrition is reinforced by my awe of the human body. My work as a nutritionist reflects my love and appreciation of food and respect for the human body. My practice is grounded in the power of nutrition meeting the pleasure of eating.
Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD
Co-Owner since 2010
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My deep love of food and nutrition allows me to work with clients and share this excitement to them in their food choices. Eating better is about eating healing and amazing foods not just “dieting” and taking out everything you enjoy. 
Abby Wadsworth, MS, RD, CD
Co-Owner since 2011
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The food choices we make on a daily basis have a direct effect on our quality of life. My deep-seeded respect and passion for the healing and performance power of our food is coupled with the excitement of its sensory properties.
Sierra Guay, MS, RD, CD
  Get to Know Sierra

I love food and I am inspired by the power of food to fuel, nourish, and heal our bodies in ways that truly, nothing else can. Good nutrition is our best tool for living healthy and happy lives.