Nutrition Coaching

Have you ever wanted to have your own personal chef/nutritionist and motivator?
Are you struggling with balancing time commitments for a healthy diet, lifestyle and prevention of chronic disease?

I see a nutritionist as part farmer, part cook and part doctor. You have to understand more than just the basics in all of these fields to be able to truly help people.
— John Bagnulo, PhD

Nutrition is an evolving science

Whole Health Nutrition providers utilize current scientific recommendations in the delivery of medical nutrition therapy. Our company is centered on a shared vision of health and wellness. We teach our clients to optimize health and well being through the use of delicious, functional foods.

We provide recommendations based on assessment of your biochemical systems and the interaction food plays in health balance.


Providing Lifestyle Nutrition Solutions

  • Custom meal planning and recipes focused on the best foods for your body

  • Personalized nutrient recommendations

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Goal setting

  • Functional foods to optimize health

My dietitian asked great questions, listened, and was very encouraging as she helped me work towards my nutrition and weight loss goals. She gave me realistic strategies to try in between our appointments, and helped me figure out how to make it a lifestyle change that was manageable for the long term.