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Insurance Coverage

Insurance can be confusing so here is a starting guide to insurance coverage for nutrition counseling.

It is always recommended for you to verify your insurance coverage for nutrition counseling prior to your appointment.


BCBS, Cigna, MVP, United Health Care: Most commercial plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield of VT, Cigna, MVP, United Health Care cover 3 sessions per year.  This coverage depends on deductibles, and each plan often varies according to the plan’s home state.

Medicaid/Green Mountain Care: Provides full coverage for nutrition counseling.

Medicare: will only cover nutrition counseling for Diabetes or Renal Disease, all other conditions will not be covered and will submitted to the secondary insurance. There is limited coverage for secondary insurance. Please call your insurance companies to verify coverage prior to your appointment.

Medicare/Medicaid: Medicare primary with Medicaid Secondary only is covered for individuals with Diabetes or Renal Disease, all other conditions will not be covered. All patients with Medicare/Medicaid will need a referral prior to receiving services.  

Aetna: Aetna has limited insurance coverage; please call your home plan to verify your benefits.  

Tricare: Tricare insurance has no nutrition coverage.