Beets + Blood Oranges over Ricotta Cheese


Beets plus blood oranges? Who would’ve thought that these two delicious yet distinct and powerful foods would taste so good together? Paired with silky and rich ricotta cheese and crunchy walnuts, this dish is well-balanced and provides a blast of flavor. Enjoy as an appetizer, a snack or a small lunch, or add these ingredients to a salad to make it a full entrée. The Pea shoots just make it so pretty.


Ingredients – Serves 2

·        1 large beet, cubed and roasted (any variation) – I used a combination of Chioggia, golden and red beets.

·        1 blood orange, cut into medium pieces

·        ½ cup ricotta cheese (part skim)

·        ¼ cup walnuts

·        1 handful of pea shoots (for some extra flavor and décor)


In a medium sized bowl, mix your beet and orange pieces together. Place your beet-orange mixture over a bed of ricotta cheese and top with walnuts and pea shoots. It’s as easy as that. Enjoy right away or feel free to photograph this beautiful combination.