I have worked extensively with the Whole Health Nutrition team over the past few years. They are all incredibly knowledgeable and wonderful people. The best part about WHN is that they LOVE food. So often I find that Dieticians make eating hard, but the WHN team are true foodies (and all excellent cooks) who celebrate food and show clients that eating can be healing AND delicious!
— NLG, Vermont

I’ve been meeting both in person and telehealth to get advice and support through Whole Health. It’s been a couple of months and I love to have someone to talk with about eating strategies! It’s so convenient to have the option of a phone meeting instead of an in person meeting. Thank you Gina!
— WC, Vermont

Whole Health really know their stuff! My gut health has never been better!
— SR, Vermont

Abby’s experience, knowledge and personality made the class great for me. I felt comfortable contributing as you created a safe environment. I probably shared too much. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this for all of us!
I am eating healthier, and I feel better because of it.
— AP, Vermont

Gina has been so helpful in finding me delicious, gluten-free, easy to make meals. I especially love that she takes you shopping and provides cooking demonstrations. This hands on approach is invaluable to new cooks like myself. I highly recommend Whole Health Nutrition to anyone with nutritional needs.
— PF, Vermont

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